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Diana Damian: Masterclass

Diana Damian Martin is Romanian-born academic and artist based in London where she lectures at Royal Central School of Speech & Drama. In her research and artistic practice she focuses on borders, border abolition and migrant performance and the relation between cultural, linguistic and aesthetic politics. She is interested in peripheral politics in relation to neo-colonial regimes of power between West and East Europe, and anti-colonial practices in 'peripheries' of Europe. She also researches alternative practices of criticism, exploring feminist and queer modes of exchange and their relation to discursive and political structures and regimes of power.

In three lectures she will introduce us in more detail to her work, the development of her practice and thinking. She will explain her view of possible ways in which the critique of the performing arts can be grasped today. And in the last lesson, Diana Damian will show us specific examples of performative works, in which she will focus mainly on the composition of the piece, the aesthetic questions they open and their relationship with political ecologies.

more info about Diana Damian Martin:

Part 1: On Practice

Opening - transcript
On Practice - transcript

Part 2: On Slippery Critique

On Slippery Critique - transcript

Part 3: A series of provocations with contemporary performance

This project has been supported using public funds provided by Slovak Arts Council and Nadácia mesta Bratislava.